Guangxi Donglin Food And Chemical Co.,LTD (Donglin Chemical)founded in 2007,located in Liujing Industrial Park Nanning City,Guangxi Province,China.The private company specialized in the production of phosphoric acid,phosphate and water soluble fertilizers .Our main products included phosphoric acid, polyphosphoric  acid,potassium dihydrogen phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, ammonium polyphosphate, water-soluble fertilizer.Donglin Chemical has obtained the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO22000 food safety management system certification.
Address:No.16,Jingshun Road,Liujing Park,Nanning City,Guangxi,China

Contacts:Wangguichuan  Telephone:181-7410-1991

  • 18 2018-07

    What is polyphosphoric acid?

    What is polyphosphoric acid?Polyphosphoric acid abbreviation: PPA. Molecular formula: H6P4O13. Molecular weigh

  • 18 2018-07

    The detail of new refractory

    The detail of new refractoryIn recent years, the promotion of new steel production technologies and new technologies,

  • 27 2018-07

    Wet and themal process

    Phosphoric acid is produced industrially by two general routes – the thermal process and the wet process, which includ

  • 16 2018-07

    After years of application of ammonium

    After years of application of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, the fertilizer efficiency is not ideal, why?​Ammonium di

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