Universal liquid series

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Executive Standard: NY 1107-2010

Registration No.: Agricultural Fertilizer (2018) No. 7791

Dosage form: liquid

Product type and efficacy:

Rooting fertilizer (100-300-100+TE): The application of this fertilizer can provide sufficient nutrients for crop seedlings, improve seedling growth environment, promote seedling root growth, increase crop seedling emergence rate, and lay a foundation for increasing yield and harvest.

Seedling fertilizer (220-140-140+TE): The application of this fertilizer can quickly supplement the nutrients needed for the seedling stage of crops, make the crops grow in a neat and orderly manner, promote the development of seedlings and root growth, and lay a solid foundation for the later production and efficiency of crops.

Growing fertilizer (210-130-160+TE): The application of this fertilizer can quickly supplement the nutrients needed for the growing period of crops, promote the development of plant organs, make plants grow strong and improve crop yield.

Promoting fertilizer (180-140-180+TE): The application of this fertilizer can quickly supply nutrients needed by the crops, promote the growth of plant organs is balanced, and keep the plant growth and vitality, improve the plant resistance, prevent deficiency caused by plant small, fruit drop and stunted growth.

Swelling fertilizer (110-160-230+TE): The application of this fertilizer can quickly supplement the nutrients required for the ripening period of crops, promote the transformation of plant nutrients, make the crops full fruits, taste fragrant and crisp, and improve the quality of crops.

Fertilizer nutrients: (nutrient content can be customized)

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1. The product is liquid, does not contain suspending agent, is easy to use and does not block the tube, and fully meets the requirements of fertilization scenarios such as flushing and drip irrigation.

2. This product contains all the large amount of nutrients specified by the implementation standards, which are mainly designed according to the characteristics of fertilizer required at the seedling stage, and the formula is scientific and reasonable.

3. The product contains high activity phosphorus, is not easy to be solidified, and can activate some trace elements in the soil, and the effective utilization rate of phosphorus is higher.

4. The product contains organic matter, which can improve crop quality and taste.

5. the product pH is very close to neutral, acidic and alkaline soil can be used, do not have to worry about soil acidification and other issues.

6. The heavy metal content of this product is extremely low, fully meeting the quality requirements of green food fertilizer.


1. Drip irrigation or flushing: 8-15kg/mu (120-225kg/ha), intermittently or drip irrigation at intervals of 7-15 days. The fertilizer is diluted 150-200 times and then evenly applied to the root of the plant.

2. foliar spray: 1-2 kg / acre (15-30kg / ha), spraying once every 7-15 days, the fertilizer diluted 800-1000 times evenly sprayed on the front and back of the plant leaf surface.

Note: The above dosage is only the recommended dosage, which should be adjusted according to soil, climate, different crops and growth period.

Recommended crops: fruits, vegetables, fruit trees, cash crops, field crops